About Us

MyStaff Inc is a newer agency. We opened our doors in June of 2017 and we have quickly grown to six recruiters. We don’t have any “newbies” on the MyStaff team. Everyone in our boutique agency has a proven track record of successful recruiting in the greater Omaha area. We’re entrepreneurial, creative and results-focused. We spend our days recruiting so our clients can focus on growing their businesses.

Whether you are seeking a new position or wondering how you will hire your next best employee, we hope you will give MyStaff a chance to make a strong impression.

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My title is “Lindsey’s Husband”. I have been recruiting in Omaha for about 16 years and have a passion for making connections that result in successful teams. I enjoy learning about businesses; it is interesting to see the operations of so many unique, successful companies in Omaha. I also love making a difference to candidates. It is very rewarding to help someone advance their career.

I have had the rare experience of working as a Corporate Recruiter for two large companies as well as thriving in competitive staffing agencies. The insight I gained belonging to an HR team has truly helped me adapt my approach to providing service to customers. Having received many dreaded cold-calls from agency recruiters, my intention is to introduce MyStaff as a resource, add value to my customers and respect each person’s time.

Get to know me:

  • My favorite place is Cabo San Lucas. The best part of traveling for me is checking out new cuisine and scenic restaurants.
  • My favorite food is Indian.
  • I am not a fan of sales calls. Let’s just quickly become friends, I prefer doing a good job for friends and respected peers.
  • I’ve learned not to take myself too seriously. I work with five strong-minded women, I'm outnumbered, and my ego is regularly monitored and adjusted.
  • My goal for MyStaff is to build a respected brand, make amazing connections for my clients and enjoy life.




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Hello, I am Stephanie Todd or, as some refer to me, “Mama Todd”!  This nickname stems from my Gallup "StrengthsFinder" results which are Empathy, Responsibility, People Developer and Encourager.  I am deeply devoted to protecting and helping others. I believe possessing the people developer and encourager strengths help me to shine as a recruiter.  I am a proactive communicator (that sounds nicer than blunt) and a team player. I have always enjoyed assisting people as they find purposeful careers.

I began my career many moons ago as a Recruiter.  Along this journey, I have held various positions within the Human Resource field.  I am eager to be returning home to my recruiting roots and am excited to be part of the MyStaff team. I believe the insight I have gained from working in corporate HR departments will give me amazing perspective as I help contribute to the candidate experience.


Get to know me:

  • I am happily married with 3 amazing children; two of whom are in college at Iowa State (there goes my paycheck) and our youngest is a Freshman in High School.
  • I am an avid outdoor person and greatly enjoy the stress relief of a good workout. I enjoy riding motorcycles, hanging out by the pool and visiting the shooting range.
  • One of my favorite places is Mexico; our family celebrates Christmas there every year.
  • I like beer. Raspberry or vanilla crafted beers are my favs!
  • If you wish to bring me coffee, please make sure it has more creamer than coffee.


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Having been in the staffing industry for the past 8 years I can truly say I love what I do and look forward to making a new connection each day.

My experience is a little different than my partners as my focus has been payroll, benefits, office administration and light recruiting. Being a hybrid around the office has allowed me to expand my knowledge of the industry, grow relationships and help people discover their passion along the way. All in all, my experience has been a rewarding one, and I look forward to helping MyStaff grow!

Get to know me:

  • If you can’t find me at the office, you can probably find me at the nearest Starbucks.
  • I am happily married, terrified and excited to be starting our own business and living the “American Dream.”
  • I am a “mom” to two furry English Bulldogs, Cleo and Remington.
  • Anything Hall & Oates is my JAM!!
  • Christmas is my favorite holiday. Everybody jokes that I start putting up my Christmas decorations in October and sadly enough, they aren’t too far off! November 1st. 😉
  • I love morning coffee, red wine, rainy days, traveling with my husband, good jokes and I find that there is nothing more therapeutic than a good belly laugh.

I look forward to getting to know you and can’t wait to help you find your next career!





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I never knew I always wanted to be in Recruiting.  16 years ago, I answered an ad in the paper (remember when that was normal?) and was hired to be an assistant in a recruiting department.  There, I fell in love with the practice of helping people and companies find each other.  I quickly moved up and eventually went on to enjoy a career in both corporate and agency recruiting.

I can genuinely say that I have hired thousands of people, which matters to you.  That much experience is invaluable as you are either exploring new opportunities or trying to find people for your company.  Having someone that has "been there" saves you time, money and heartache.

Hiring is one of the most important responsibilities of any recruiter or manager.  Getting that wrong can be detrimental, but more importantly, getting that RIGHT is the formula to a healthy team and bottom line.  That's what I do best!  Well, that and I am an excellent cook.


Get to know me:

  • If you offered me a million dollars to tell a joke correctly, I couldn’t do it.  I start giggling and destroy the punch line every single time.
  • I’ve been married to my hubs Bryan for 9 years and we have a 6 yr old daughter.
  • I am veteran of two branches of the military (US Coast Guard and Navy).  Yep, I love water.
  • People fascinate me.
  • I think I'm pretty fun to work with.



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With over 25 years in the Omaha staffing world, I’ve had the pleasure of watching so many businesses and careers grow and change.  For me, the world of staffing is a dynamic industry.  Where else can you help so many people with life changing decisions?

My title?  It depends on the situation.  It changes constantly.  Account Manager, Business Developer, Recruiter...  Who really needs a title?

The staffing industry has never been better.  Smart phones, online job boards, and other social media outlets are a dream come true.  My Millennial partners never had to walk a mile through the snow to use a rotary telephone and a phone book. We have access to amazing tools to help recruit the best talent and stay in contact with everyone we serve with incredible ease and speed.  So, I challenge you to bring it on!  Let’s work together and enjoy the ride!

Get to know me:

  • My favorite part of what I get to do every day is meeting interesting and talented people. My goal is for these relationships to become friendships, forming the foundation of our business.
  • I love traveling, hiking, and enjoying frosty beverages on sandy beaches.
  • I have certifications… The PHR, the SHRM-CP… They make my name longer.
  • I’m in a golf league... I really like mulligans.
  • I have cats... yes, more than one.






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My passion for recruiting began several years ago when managing a travel agency. I realized that hiring top talent is one of the biggest decisions a company will ever make.  I joined the staffing world over nine years ago and have loved helping my clients find their own top talent and helping people find long-term jobs they enjoy. I love listening to my clients’ needs and finding them the right candidate who has great skills and elevates the company culture.

My experience managing a company and developing people has helped me help my clients. I understand the cost of hiring, and I understand how expensive high turnover can be to an organization. I won’t send my clients anyone I wouldn’t hire myself.


Get to know me:

  • I married my best friend George 5 years ago and gained a bonus daughter and son-in-law, Payton and Brittany.
  • I am a devoted dog lover and think of my two adorable Shih Tzu’s as my babies.  Sophie and Charlie make life even better.
  • Outside of work you will find me boating on the Missouri River. Our dogs even love to boat.
  • What will surprise you most about me? I absolutely love hard rock, Disturbed, Korn, Godsmack are my favorites.  Throw in a little old Motown music from time to time and I’m a happy soul.
  • I’ve never met a stranger and I love to laugh.  I’m an avid reader and I’m slightly obsessed with Fernando’s Restaurant.