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My title is “Lindsey’s Husband”. I have been recruiting in Omaha for almost 20 years and have a passion for making connections that result in successful teams. I enjoy learning about businesses; it is interesting to see the operations of so many unique, successful companies in Omaha. I also love making a difference to candidates. I find it very rewarding to help someone advance their career.

I have had the rare experience of working as a Corporate Recruiter for two large companies as well as thriving in competitive staffing agencies. The insight I gained belonging to an HR team has truly helped me adapt my approach to providing better service to customers. Having received many dreaded cold-calls from agency recruiters, my adopted approach is to introduce MyStaff as a resource, add value to my customers and respect each person’s time.

Get to know me:

  • My favorite place is Cabo San Lucas. The best part of traveling for me is checking out new cuisine and scenic restaurants.
  • I love Indian food.
  • I've spent most of my career making awkward sales calls. If you have been on the receiving end, it isn't my favorite part of the job either. I'm especially thankful for my trusted contacts who have continued to be partners over the past couple of decades.
  • I've embraced remote work. I never imagined MyStaff as a fully-remote operation but it has gone remarkably well and the team loves it. My virtual meetings often include snoring bulldogs, Sesame Street background music and sometimes slimy toddler hands but we're all in and enjoying this version of our business.
  • My goals for MyStaff are to continue to build a respected brand, keep hiring the best talent for our team and work hard to make impactful connections for my clients.