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Hello, I am Stephanie Todd or, as some refer to me, “Mama Todd”! This nickname stems from my Gallup "StrengthsFinder" results which are Empathy, Responsibility, People Developer and Encourager. I am deeply devoted to protecting and helping others. I believe possessing the people developer and encourager strengths help me to shine as a recruiter. I am a proactive communicator (that sounds nicer than blunt) and a team player. I have always enjoyed assisting people as they find purposeful careers.

I began my career many moons ago as a Recruiter. Along this journey, I have held various positions within the Human Resource field. I love recruiting and I am excited to be part of the MyStaff team. I believe the insight I have gained from working in corporate HR departments has given me amazing perspective as I help contribute to the candidate experience.

Get to know me:

  • I am happily married with three amazing grown children and a few dogs.
  • I am an avid outdoor person and greatly enjoy the stress relief of a good workout. I enjoy riding motorcycles, hanging out by the pool and visiting the shooting range.
  • One of my favorite places is Mexico; our family celebrates Christmas there every year.
  • I've recently learned to like Old Fashioned's with Buffalo Trace Bourbon
  • If you wish to bring me coffee, please make sure it has more creamer than coffee.