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My title is “Lindsey’s Husband”. I have been recruiting in Omaha for about 17 years and have a passion for making connections that result in successful teams. I enjoy learning about businesses; it is interesting to see the operations of so many unique, successful companies in Omaha. I also love making a difference to candidates. It is very rewarding to help someone advance their career.

I have had the rare experience of working as a Corporate Recruiter for two large companies as well as thriving in competitive staffing agencies. The insight I gained belonging to an HR team has truly helped me adapt my approach to providing better service to customers. Having received many dreaded cold-calls from agency recruiters, my adopted approach is to introduce MyStaff as a resource, add value to my customers and respect each person’s time.

Get to know me:

  • My favorite place is Cabo San Lucas. The best part of traveling for me is checking out new cuisine and scenic restaurants.
  • My favorite food is Indian.
  • I am not a fan of sales calls. Let’s just quickly become friends, I prefer doing a good job for friends and respected peers.
  • I’ve learned not to take myself too seriously. I work with six strong-minded women, I'm outnumbered, and my ego is regularly monitored and adjusted.
  • My goal for MyStaff is to build a respected brand, make amazing connections for my clients and enjoy life.