Five Questions to Help You Select the Right Staffing Firm

When it comes to selecting the right staffing firm to help you with your hiring needs, the process can seem difficult and confusing. Even with a geographic focus like staffing Omaha, the options can be overwhelming. These five questions can help you filter through the current staffing firm market and find a partner who can bring in strong candidates for your business.

1. What Is the Firm’s Focus or Specialty?

Your search will depend on the kinds of employees you are looking to on-board. Make sure to consider whether you need temp staffing or full-time employees, although most staffing firms can help with both. Also make sure you are clear on the requirements of the roles you are looking to fill, whether you need general office labor or specialized personnel. Many firms these days focus by job function or industry, so this step can help you narrow your search considerably.

2. How Experienced Are the Recruiters?

While many staffing firms are quick to boast how long they have been in business, it’s also important to look at the experience of the recruiters. It may seem obvious, but recruiters only stay in the business if they are good at their jobs. Someone with significant experience staffing Omaha is more likely to understand a client’s needs and provide qualified candidates. They are also more likely to have wide networks and be more professional.

3. What Do the Website and Social Media Profiles Tell You About the Firm?

Nearly everything is online these days. Whether it’s a temp agency or full-service staffing firm, a good firm will invest in its website and social media profiles in order to attract the right clients and job seekers. In addition to basic personnel and contact information, a firm’s online presence can help you evaluate its reputation, reach and values.

4. How Do the Recruiters Present Themselves on the Phone and In Person?

As you further narrow down your potential partners, the next step is to set up a meeting. Talking to the recruiters on the phone and in person can give you a better sense of their level of professionalism, what services they offer and how well they understand your industry and job landscape. This interaction also gives you a chance to evaluate how skilled they are at accurately representing your firm and open positions to prospective employees.

5. How Does the Firm Vet and Work with Potential Candidates?

It’s important to understand how the firm works with potential candidates. Understanding how they attract and evaluate talent can give you confidence that you are getting the best candidate for each role.
Also, a firm that works with candidates to improve their resumes or prepare for interviews shows that they are serious about not wasting your time.

You’ve Asked the Questions, Now What?

When it comes finding an agency with considerable experience staffing Omaha, you have many choices. Selecting an experienced, professional and knowledgeable staffing firm is important because it will contribute to the success of your hiring process. These questions can help shed light on which staffing firm is likely to be your best partner.

Brad Jones