Practical Tips Before You Leave Your Job

Regardless of why you are leaving your current employment, leave with grace. The impression you leave upon resigning is the one they are likely to remember. A positive impression can help you in the long term. You might need that employer to give you a letter of recommendation at some point. Or you might run into those employees at a later date. Exit your current position with grace and consider temporary staffing in Omaha in the interim.

Starting the Process

The first thing to consider before you leave your current employment is to decide why you are quitting. Once you know that you can then decide what you want to tell your employer. Your employer wants to have a reason for your resignation in writing. Though it might seem outdated in the world of smartphones, writing a resignation letter with a positive tone leaves a good impression. In a digital world, letters often leave a positive impact on the receiver regardless of the contents. A resignation letter that reads more like a thank you note can benefit you in the future. In addition, the human resources department might save a physical copy in your employment file.

Planning the Departure

When you quit your job, don‘t blindside your manager by leaving with minimal notice. Two weeks is a general rule of thumb. Leaving with enough notice ensures there is time to find and train your replacement. Some positions need more lead time due to the increased roles and responsibilities. A professional resignation leaves a positive impression of both you and the permanent staffing in Omaha.

Prepare for your final day ahead of time. Take home personal items home a little at a time. Get the contact information for a few coworkers. The process better prepares you for the last day of work. Consider looking into temporary staffing in Omaha until you get a new job.

Exiting with Grace

Leaving your current employer with a good impression can help with future jobs. You might consider permanent staffing in Omaha for your next position. Before you turn in you turn in your notice, consider:

  • Inform your manager or supervisor first
  • Hand your resignation letter in personally
  • Work hard through your final day
  • Plan to train your replacement
  • Prepare for an exit interview
  • Be prepared for security to escort you out
  • Stay in touch with valued colleagues

You can inform your new employer where your next position is or keep it under wraps. Don’t forget to celebrate once the process is complete. Consider going to happy hour with coworkers for a final hurrah and a memorable end.

Be as professional as possible when leaving a position. You might see familiar faces at future jobs. A good reference is valuable to have. Keep your reputation intact with a professional attitude throughout the transition. Good relationships can help in the future. Temporary staffing in Omaha can help you gain new skills and experience. A staffing agency can help you after you quit your job. Start your next job with a positive attitude and a clean slate.

Brad Jones