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Make Your Job Posting Stand Out During Times of Low Unemployment

Low Employment

When the economy is booming and unemployment is low, that’s great news for the country, but it does present an extra challenge when the time comes to fill a position at your company. With the pool of potential employees seeking work reduced, and more new jobs available for them to pick out of, you need to go out of your way to make your job listing stand out from the pack. Staffing in Omaha is competitive right now. Just as potential employees should have a list of resume tips they keep in mind, as an employer you need a list of tips for posting your job, as well.

Simplify the Process

When a potential employee has a glut of job openings to apply for, they’re unlikely to want to jump through a bunch of hoops for yours. Reduce the number of steps required to apply, where possible, and make sure that any listings are clear and easy to understand. If an applicant is unsure of how to apply for your job, they may just decide to forego doing so altogether.

Get Mobile

More and more internet traffic is being carried out on phones now, so it’s important that your application process is optimized to be mobile-ready. If your mobile site is difficult to navigate you will miss out on some potential hires.

Highlight Your Benefits

The applicants for your jobs are sure to hand in resumes which go out of their way to punch up and highlight their professional accomplishments, and there’s no reason you should not be doing the same with your job posting. If you offer competitive pay, or have excellent perks of the job, put that information front and center on the posting. Draw in the attention of potential applicants by showing them all the great things working for you entails.

Show Them You Care

Use your company site and social media presence to show the benefits of working for you. Highlight your employees, as well as fun activities or perks of working for you. Not only will this get more eyes on your job postings when they come up, but you can also expect applicants to look for information when they see your listing, and they’ll come across your promotional content.

Hire a Professional Staffing Agency

When things are competitive you need to seize every staffing advantage you can. That means hiring a professional staffing agency like My Staff, Inc. which specializes in connecting recruits with companies. A staffing agency provides the expertise which comes with being a full-time staffing professional and ensures that if there’s a quality candidate out there, they don’t slip through your fingers.

No matter what industry you’re seeking staffing near Omaha in, when the competition is stiff you need to make sure that you’re doing everything you can to catch the eye of the best possible recruits. By working with a staffing agency, creating an enticing online presence and streamlining your application process, you position your company to get the best possible applicants, so you can hire the best possible employee.

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4 Resume Tips to Stand Out in a Competitive Market Place


The job market is competitive right now, and sometimes the difference between two candidates can come down to infinitesimally small distinctions. When every inch counts, it’s important to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward from the very first opportunity, and that means making sure your resume is as appealing as possible. For highly competitive jobs, it’s likely that a company handling staffing in Omaha won’t even get the opportunity to interview a majority of the applicants, so if you aren’t putting enough emphasis on your resume, you’re costing yourself the chance at what might be your dream job. These resume tips ensure you don’t disqualify yourself before you even get started.

Get With the Times

If you haven’t been on the job hunt scene in recent years, you may be surprised by what an ideal resume looks like now. Objective statements are a thing of the past for most staffing agency employees. Instead, use the space that would have been spent on an objective to instead post a brief career summary which highlights your biggest accomplishments.

Another modern consideration is the removal of traditional address information and replacing it with your social media presence. Many modern companies use social media to assess popular applicants, even for positions which ultimately have little to do with the social networks. Be sure if you are including your profiles that there is no objectionable content which might turn off a representative from the staffing agency’s interest in you.

Keep it Tidy

Nothing turns off a potential hirer quicker than an incomprehensible resume. When you’re going through dozens of resumes or more for each position, a resume which makes you work to make heads or tails of it is easier to simply set aside. If the applicant can’t even make their resume presentable, it bodes poorly for their job performance. Do not over-clutter the page. Make use of headings, bold font and bullets to present your information in a clear and concise format.

Cater to the Job

The days of being able to create a single resume, running off a bunch of copies and sending them out to any listing you find are long gone. In the competitive modern job hunting scene you need to be tailoring every resume to the job it’s for. Take a look at the company’s web site and identify key values which relate to the company, and key skills required for the job, then tailor your resume to represent those skills and values.

Don’t Be, Act

Too many applicants rely on passive words in their resumes. This is boring and fails to catch the eye of the staffing agent. Use interesting and active verbs on your resume to stand out from your competitors. It may seem like a tiny and insignificant difference to you, but to the member of the staffing agency pouring through resume after resume, it’s not.

The world of staffing in Omaha is a loaded field right now. Every job worth having is heavily contested. Following these resume tips leaves you best positioned to catch the eye and earn an interview. From there, it’s on you to show your positive traits and land that job!