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Three Considerations Before Selecting a Staffing Agency

Three Considerations Before Selecting a Staffing Agency

Businesses know that they are only as good as their employees, which is why they invest so much time and money in finding the best candidates. Working with a staffing agency in Omaha can make this process more efficient. While the process of selecting a staffing agency may seem overwhelming, these three considerations can help you find the right partner for your talent acquisition requirements.

1. What Is the Business Case for Using a Staffing Agency?

Outsourcing part of your hiring process can be a difficult decision, but evaluating the business case for using a staffing firm can help with that choice. There is a fee for using a staffing firm, but this will likely be outweighed by the benefits a temp agency can provide. Staffing agencies evaluate candidates first, so you are more likely to receive qualified applicants versus traditional ways of advertising open positions. This saves you time, and as you know, time is money. Another obvious savings is that you don’t have to pay temp workers benefits, however temp workers can also help you avoid employee turnover, which can lower your labor costs over the long-term. Bringing temp workers on during busy periods can help avoid burnout in your regular staff. They also allow you to test out workers before hiring them full-time. When you consider the many benefits of working with a staffing agency in Omaha, the decision to seek help with hiring becomes a little easier.

2. What Size Agency Has the Strongest Recruiters and Candidates?

Bigger may be better for many things in life, but when it comes to selecting a temp agency, a smaller firm may be the better choice. Large staffing firms tend to play a volume game and may not be as selective in hiring recruiters or in evaluating candidates. Given their large number of clients, you may not get the attention you deserve in this important process. Smaller firms tend to focus more on hiring recruiters with extensive experience and knowledge. With a smaller number of clients, these boutique firms also understand the importance of the client relationship and are likely to devote more time to clients and candidates alike. Larger staffing firms may find that their large client lists are a hinderance, as the more clients you have, the more likely conflicts of interest can arise.

3. What Type of Agency Will Best Meet Your Needs?

Staffing firms vary not just by size but also by experience and focus. Most firms can help you fill both temporary jobs and full-time positions, but it’s a good idea to inquire about the agency’s candidate pool to make sure it aligns with your open positions. It’s important to understand whether the agency specializes based on job function or industry. For example, some agencies have candidates for general administrative support across all industries while other agencies focus on candidates with significant experience in tech or finance.

Hiring is one of the most important decisions that can affect the success of your business. These considerations can help you find a staffing agency in Omaha that best fits your needs.

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Five Questions to Help You Select the Right Staffing Firm

Five Questions to Help You Select the Right Staffing Firm

When it comes to selecting the right staffing firm to help you with your hiring needs, the process can seem difficult and confusing. Even with a geographic focus like staffing Omaha, the options can be overwhelming. These five questions can help you filter through the current staffing firm market and find a partner who can bring in strong candidates for your business.

1. What Is the Firm’s Focus or Specialty?

Your search will depend on the kinds of employees you are looking to on-board. Make sure to consider whether you need temp staffing or full-time employees, although most staffing firms can help with both. Also make sure you are clear on the requirements of the roles you are looking to fill, whether you need general office labor or specialized personnel. Many firms these days focus by job function or industry, so this step can help you narrow your search considerably.

2. How Experienced Are the Recruiters?

While many staffing firms are quick to boast how long they have been in business, it’s also important to look at the experience of the recruiters. It may seem obvious, but recruiters only stay in the business if they are good at their jobs. Someone with significant experience staffing Omaha is more likely to understand a client’s needs and provide qualified candidates. They are also more likely to have wide networks and be more professional.

3. What Do the Website and Social Media Profiles Tell You About the Firm?

Nearly everything is online these days. Whether it’s a temp agency or full-service staffing firm, a good firm will invest in its website and social media profiles in order to attract the right clients and job seekers. In addition to basic personnel and contact information, a firm’s online presence can help you evaluate its reputation, reach and values.

4. How Do the Recruiters Present Themselves on the Phone and In Person?

As you further narrow down your potential partners, the next step is to set up a meeting. Talking to the recruiters on the phone and in person can give you a better sense of their level of professionalism, what services they offer and how well they understand your industry and job landscape. This interaction also gives you a chance to evaluate how skilled they are at accurately representing your firm and open positions to prospective employees.

5. How Does the Firm Vet and Work with Potential Candidates?

It’s important to understand how the firm works with potential candidates. Understanding how they attract and evaluate talent can give you confidence that you are getting the best candidate for each role.
Also, a firm that works with candidates to improve their resumes or prepare for interviews shows that they are serious about not wasting your time.

You’ve Asked the Questions, Now What?

When it comes finding an agency with considerable experience staffing Omaha, you have many choices. Selecting an experienced, professional and knowledgeable staffing firm is important because it will contribute to the success of your hiring process. These questions can help shed light on which staffing firm is likely to be your best partner.

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How Staffing Agencies Work

If you’ve been through the hiring process before, you know just how difficult it can be to find quality workers. Not only do you need to find workers who have the right skill sets, but also, you need to find people who will mesh well with your team, commit themselves to your overall goal and contribute to the overall well-being of your company. These type of people can be hard to find, especially if you don’t know where to look. The recruiters at a reputable temp agency can make staffing in Omaha easier on you by doing all the hard work for you. With the right agency’s help, you can enjoy the benefits of a quality new hire without doing much more than asking that simple question: When can you start?

What Do Staffing Agencies Do?

Staffing firms perform a number of vital HR duties for companies of all sizes. From hiring temporary employees to fill in for a worker who is on maternity leave to hiring full-time, long-term employees, employment agencies specialize in the retention of qualified talent. Some typical tasks that a temp staffing firm performs include the following:

  • Filling senior level management positions
  • Finding candidates to fill positions that are temporarily vacant
  • Filling temp-to-perm positions

How Do Staffing Agencies Work?

Some staffing agencies work strictly for businesses, some work strictly for employees and some work for both. Those that do staffing in Omaha on behalf of businesses takes care of the entire hiring process, from finding qualified candidates to ensuring that the selected candidate is performing well in the position. Temp agencies even take over payroll for candidates, as well as termination duties.

Firms that work on behalf of employees help job seekers find the right position for them. These agencies seek out positions based on the person’s needs and desired salary.

In either of these instances, the staffing agency charges a fee for its services. Sometimes the fee is on a “commission basis,” meaning the firm only gets paid when a candidate is placed. Sometimes it’s on an hourly basis, and in rare instances, it’s on a per-case basis. In the final scenario, a corporation may hire a renowned firm to find a corporate officer and pay a commission percentage of the salary rate. The firm may take one month to fill the position. That same firm may charge another corporation the same amount to fill a lower position in less amount of time. However, experience matters, and firms that do this have earned the right to.

Benefits of Working With a Staffing Firm

Whether you’re looking to fill a temporary position or a long-term corporate position, there are countless benefits to working with a staffing firm. The top benefits include the following:

  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Fill positions faster
  • Hire quality candidates

If you’re ready to grow your team, work with an agency that specializes in staffing in Omaha. Doing so may be the best decision you make for your company.