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How to Save Time During Your Hiring Process

Job hiring is stressful. After all, a bad hire costs a business money. While you want to hire the right person, you still have a business to run. You have to be able to balance the process with your obligations. There are a few ways to make the process easier. This includes using a company that specializes in temporary staffing in Omaha.

Focus on the Job Description

The first step of the hiring process is to put out the job ad. First, your title should be easily searchable. Potential employees should not have to work to find your ad. Next, use a concise but descriptive outline. The information should be accurate and simple to understand. Remember to include job requirements and responsibilities.

Consider New Routes for Screening Resumes

A successful job ad will bring in the resumes. As they fill your inbox, the screening begins. Normally, human resource teams, outsourced staffing or applicant tracking systems take care of the screening. Consider a company who performs permanent staffing in Omaha. Spend less time on screening so that you can focus where it counts the most. You do not have to be hands-on with applicant screening.

Try Out Pre-Interview Assessments

Pre-interview assessments make great gatekeepers. Use a company that understands temporary staffing in Omaha to help you. These assessments should focus on skills. If someone is the right fit, the test will tell you. No one wants to interview the wrong person. Assessments keep you from having to.

Choose In-Depth Interviews

Basic hiring questions are still valid. Extra questions also go a long way. Get to know your potential employee! Ask your candidate to provide examples of his or her experience. You want to learn as much as you can about them. You already read the resume. The interview is about getting to know the candidate. With stock interview questions, you won’t learn as much. Make the interview personal.

Use Goal and Culture Assessments

Choose a candidate that will fit into your company’s culture. Do the candidate’s goals align with the company? The right skillset is only half of the requirement. Your employee has to fit in with his or her colleagues. Their views should blend in seamlessly. Teams work better when everyone fits in. Use tests to decide if someone fits your image of the company.

Consider Professional Recruiting

The hiring process is long. In the time you spend searching, you could be taking care of your business. When you use a recruiting service, they can perform temporary staffing in Omaha. In fact, here is what they can do for you:

  • Screen resumes
  • Create an in-depth interview
  • Perform goal and culture assessments

Time saved is money saved. You want to be able to spend time running your business. Choose a company you can trust to help you with staffing.

To find a new hire is tough work. The truth is, a good hire will perform well throughout the hiring process. What you should want is to save time and money. Temporary or permanent staffing in Omaha doesn’t have to cost you too much time and money. You don’t have to do it alone.

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5 Ways To Overcome Your Interview Jitters

Getting the invitation to interview for a job, whether for temporary staffing in Omaha or permanent staffing in Omaha, can be exciting. However, once that excitement wears off, often times the nerves will kick in. It is important to appear confident and relaxed during an interview, so what can you do to help calm those nerves? These five tips might help you do just that.

1. Practice Answering Questions

Nothing beats practice when it comes to nailing an interview and beating the interview jitters. Research common interview questions and think about what your answers might be. Practice saying them in front of the mirror. Review your resume to boost your confidence and help you to tailor your answers to what you can offer the company and why they should hire you.

2. Hold a Dress Rehearsal

If practicing at home isn’t enough to make you feel better about your interview, you can try having a complete dress rehearsal. Get dressed up and drive to the location of the interview for temporary staffing in Omaha. Time the drive to see how long it takes to get there, and make sure to add some time to allow for heavy traffic or unforeseen circumstances. Become familiar with the building and parking lot at the location so it won’t be new and cause those pesky nerves to creep back in.

3. Listen to Music

Listening to music is another effective way to tame your nerves. Music is proven to affect your mood, so turn on some relaxing music or blast some exciting tunes to energize you and give you a confidence boost. This is an easy trick you can use in the days before the interview, while getting ready, and even during the drive there.

4. Recite Affirmations

Another easy trick you could use to calm those interview jitters is reciting affirmations. Reciting phrases that help you feel confident and capable can help kick out any doubt you might be having about the job or the interview for temporary staffing in Omaha. Remind yourself that you are smart, prepared, and worthy to get yourself in a positive mood. Throw in a power pose every once in a while too for an extra confidence boost.

5. Perform Meditation

One of the most tried-and-true ways to calm nerves is through meditation. There are several ways to meditate, so try a few different methods to see what works for you. You can try things like guided visualizations, deep breathing, or even yoga. You might even be able to double up on these tips and add music to your meditation routine.

Going to an interview for temporary or permanent staffing in Omaha can be nerve-wrecking, but you can put those nerves in check using any combination of the methods suggested. Appearing calm and relaxed during an interview can help you seem friendlier and more approachable, increasing the likelihood that the interviewer will remember you. It can also help you think more clearly and give better answers to questions you may be asked. All of these things may increase your odds of landing that job, so give these tips a try.

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5 Resume Warning Signs to Watch Out For

When you’re looking for temporary staffing in Omaha, you will likely review many applications before you even speak to any potential hires. In the process of narrowing down the pool of applicants, you should keep in mind some red flags you may find in a resume.

Grammar & Proofreading Errors

A resume filled with mistakes should immediately disqualify the applicant. This is a sign of laziness and lack of motivation to make a good impression. If you find a minor mistake such as a missed word, you may want to skip over that resume too. However, if the rest of the content is very good, it may be worth a second chance. It’s best to trust your gut in these cases, especially in a search for permanent staffing in Omaha.

1. Excessive Jargon

Everyone wants to sound professional, and yes, it’s important. However, some job searchers try to bulk up their resume with fancy-sounding words when job history is thin. Overused phrases like “people person,” “outside the box” or “detail-oriented” can indicate a warning sign, depending on their context. If they’re used to create fluff with little to no explanation backing them up, it’s probably a good idea to skip this applicant, whether you’re searching for permanent or temporary staffing in Omaha. On the other hand, if these phrases are simply used as a way to steer into an explanation of how they really apply to the person, it may be okay to overlook them and consider the actual content of the resume.

2. Employment Gaps

Gaps in employment history may be resume warnings, but shouldn’t automatically disqualify someone from your consideration. The best candidates will include an explanation for these lapses within a resume or cover letter, but some may prefer to discuss it face-to-face. If there are other red flags on the resume, you may do best to skip that person.

3. Overqualification

While someone who is overqualified for your position can be a great candidate due to their prior experience, exercise caution when making decisions about these applicants. There are plenty of factors that make it understandable for someone to apply to a job they are overqualified for. If a person is going through a transitory period in their life, temporary staffing in Omaha might be a great option. Perhaps he or she was laid off. However, if the resume indicates a steady upwards climb in work history, exercise some caution. You don’t want to hire someone for permanent staffing in Omaha only to have them leave you in the dust when a better offer comes along.

4. No Customization

If we’re embarking on a job search, we often submit resumes to multiple employers. However, the resume should not read like this is the case. Each resume should be tailored to your company and the position being applied for. A generic resume that draws no connections between the position and the applicant’s skills or work history should be a red flag.

5. Find an Employee Like a Pro

Sifting through applicants can be daunting and time consuming, but by remembering these resume warnings, you’re sure to save time finding qualified individuals in your search for temporary staffing in Omaha.

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Practical Tips Before You Leave Your Job

Regardless of why you are leaving your current employment, leave with grace. The impression you leave upon resigning is the one they are likely to remember. A positive impression can help you in the long term. You might need that employer to give you a letter of recommendation at some point. Or you might run into those employees at a later date. Exit your current position with grace and consider temporary staffing in Omaha in the interim.

Starting the Process

The first thing to consider before you leave your current employment is to decide why you are quitting. Once you know that you can then decide what you want to tell your employer. Your employer wants to have a reason for your resignation in writing. Though it might seem outdated in the world of smartphones, writing a resignation letter with a positive tone leaves a good impression. In a digital world, letters often leave a positive impact on the receiver regardless of the contents. A resignation letter that reads more like a thank you note can benefit you in the future. In addition, the human resources department might save a physical copy in your employment file.

Planning the Departure

When you quit your job, don‘t blindside your manager by leaving with minimal notice. Two weeks is a general rule of thumb. Leaving with enough notice ensures there is time to find and train your replacement. Some positions need more lead time due to the increased roles and responsibilities. A professional resignation leaves a positive impression of both you and the permanent staffing in Omaha.

Prepare for your final day ahead of time. Take home personal items home a little at a time. Get the contact information for a few coworkers. The process better prepares you for the last day of work. Consider looking into temporary staffing in Omaha until you get a new job.

Exiting with Grace

Leaving your current employer with a good impression can help with future jobs. You might consider permanent staffing in Omaha for your next position. Before you turn in you turn in your notice, consider:

  • Inform your manager or supervisor first
  • Hand your resignation letter in personally
  • Work hard through your final day
  • Plan to train your replacement
  • Prepare for an exit interview
  • Be prepared for security to escort you out
  • Stay in touch with valued colleagues

You can inform your new employer where your next position is or keep it under wraps. Don’t forget to celebrate once the process is complete. Consider going to happy hour with coworkers for a final hurrah and a memorable end.

Be as professional as possible when leaving a position. You might see familiar faces at future jobs. A good reference is valuable to have. Keep your reputation intact with a professional attitude throughout the transition. Good relationships can help in the future. Temporary staffing in Omaha can help you gain new skills and experience. A staffing agency can help you after you quit your job. Start your next job with a positive attitude and a clean slate.