Why Artificial Intelligence Won’t Replace Job Recruiters

When it comes to workplace topics, artificial intelligence comes up a lot. AI changes the way that the workplace operates, it even changes how staffing agencies perform. While a lot of employees worry about the future of their jobs in the hands of AI, recruiters shouldn’t share those worries. AI will change the way that all businesses function and in some ways, it already has. Still, when it comes to staffing in Omaha, AI won’t replace job recruiters. Here are the reasons why.

Recruiters Sell the Job

When it comes to sales positions, AI does not handle well. There is an art to sales. While an algorithm can match a client to a jobseeker based on skills and education, it isn’t going to be able to really sell that job or candidate. Persuasion isn’t always about cold hard facts. Instead, there are softer elements to persuasion that only a recruiter can really help with.

Recruiters Have Empathy

A recruiter builds a relationship with his or her clients. When it comes to using AI, there is no empathy. Job hunters and clients need to have someone on their side, to give them hope that they can achieve their best job. A recruiter is able to give firsthand knowledge and can express opinions to a client or job hunter from a human standpoint. Empathy is necessary and AI doesn’t have that.

Recruiters Influence the Business

The recruiting business is always changing. While an AI may be intelligent and you can use it to help your business, it isn’t going to be able to put in much input into the process. As the market changes, your strategies have to change. You need to be able to understand a client’s expectations. In addition, you have to be able to analyze what that particular business needs in order to find the right hire. Human recruiters influence the process.

Recruitment Requires Human Input

AI will always be data based. Recruitment, on the other hand, is an incredibly human industry. While a computer may be able to use data to make brilliant predictions, it is never going to be able to plan someone’s future or help with a career goal in any other way than a purely analytical one. There are tools that AI offers the staffing industry. For instance, job boards and portals help match clients and job needs. However, most of the work needs a human face on either side.

Recruiters Have Passion

A part of success is to love the position that you have. Recruiters thrive when they are passionate about the job that they do. Sure, humans make mistakes and the industry may gain and lose employees, but to be passionate about a job is hard to replace.

AI is a helpful tool when it comes to the industry. It can’t replace staffing in Omaha, however. When it comes to recruiting, there has to be a human face. Job recruiters have to be able to sell positions; they have to have empathy and the ability to influence the business. This is why agencies do not have to worry about losing jobs to artificial intelligence.

Brad Jones